Job Profile - Nurse

Job Profile - Nurse

Welcome to another job profile, each week we bring you interviews with people working in various industries to give you a better idea of what certain jobs entail, allowing you to better understand a job, decide if it is for you and finally to tailor any application. Our previous interviews have been with an Equine Groom, an Electrical Contractor a Customer Assistant, Video Producer, Care Navigator, Lifeguard and Supermarket Team Leader.

Today’s interview is with a Nurse working shifts, usually two long days (12.5hrs) and one short day a week (7.5hrs). A Nurse’s shift begins with “handover from the night staff; drug round for patients; and helping people wash and get dressed.” After this, our interviewee “sorts patient care for the day, according to the doctor's round,” as well as “documents the plans for each patient; and the lunchtime drug round,” followed by “more sorting care; giving personal care; evening drug round; and then updating notes and the handover sheet for the night shift.”  

In this job our interviewee said that, “communication; conflict resolution; an array of clinical skills; providing personal care; being a patients' advocate; and drug knowledge” are key skills.

When asked what they love about their job, our interviewee said “Everything. I love helping people get home from hospital, or making them more comfortable for their stay in hospital.” However, “difficult situations, dealing with very unwell or dying patients”, is the main downside of the job.

We asked each person what they would be looking for in an application if they were looking for someone to join their team; this Nurse said “good communication and clinical skills; and a good knowledge of [their specific] area of nursing” would be key to landing this job.