Job Profile – Team Leader

Job Profile – Team Leader

Welcome to another job profile, each week we bring you interviews with people working in various industries to give you a better idea of what certain jobs entail, allowing you to better understand a job, decide if it is for you and finally to tailor any application. Our previous interviews have been with an Equine Groom, an Electrical Contractor a Customer Assistant, Video Producer, Care Navigator and Lifeguard.

Today’s interview is with a Team Leader working in a supermarket; this person works four days a week with various shifts. A Team Leader’s day is spent “restocking shelves; managing a team of staff; serving customers; date management of food; cashing up; and closing the shop.”  

In this job our interviewee said that, “delegation; customer service; good communication; and leadership skills,” are all key skills to possess.

When asked what they love about their job, our interviewee said “that every shift is different.” However, “not having enough staff sometimes, so you can't get everything done” can be a downside of the job.

We asked each person what they would be looking for in an application if they were looking for someone to join their team; this Team Leader said that experience is the key to landing this job.

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