Job Profile -Video Producer

Job Profile -Video Producer

Welcome to another job profile, each week we bring you interviews with people working in various industries to give you a better idea of what certain jobs entail, allowing you to better understand a job, decide if it is for you and finally to tailor any application. Our previous interviews have been with an Equine Groom, an Electrical Contractor and a Customer Assistant.

Today’s interview is with a Video Producer; this is a full time job working Monday to Friday 9-5, however much of this work is weather dependent. There is no typical day in this job, everything from location to the type of kit being used depends on the client and their requirements. Work can range from flying drones, editing, looking for new clients and advertising on social media.

In this job our interviewee said that, “people skills are very important,” this is because, “we need to be able to talk with our clients and find out exactly what is needed for their videos and get to the heart of their business to provide them with the best package of videos we can.”

When asked what they love about their job, our interviewee said “Everything! I love filming, I love flying, I love editing, I love meeting new people and discussing their needs and especially love showing them the end product and seeing their reaction.” However, “being so dependent on the weather, and potentially having jobs build up waiting for that weather window”, is the main downside of the job.

We asked each person what they would be looking for in an application if they were looking for someone to join their team, this video producer said; “I would need someone who is interested in video production, is creative, thinks for themselves, but is also able to follow instruction well, and is willing to learn. I wouldn't want someone who has too much experience as they may already have their own way of doing things. This business is very creative and thankfully people seem to like my creative style. If we were to expand and take someone else on, I would want to mould someone from scratch to the same creative style so that there wouldn't be clear contrasts in work output.”

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