The DO Lectures!

The DO Lectures!

The DO Lectures are brimming with positivity, energy, and inspiration. Dubbed "the encouragement network" the company provides hundreds of talks via their website to inspire each and every one of us to get up and DO. The Do Lectures also have their very own collection of DO books which you can browse here, as well as DO blogs, Podcasts and newsletters.

The DO story began when in 2008 David and his wife decided to "bring the DO-ers of the world together - the movers and shakers, the disrupters and the change-makers - and ask them to tell their stories." DO focuses on a simple formula: ideas + energy = change. For Meee, this message resonates with the very core of our work. Our fab founder, Sid says that "ideas play a huge role in the Meee Programme and central to this is helping people believe in who they are. Once they DO ideas abound".

One of our absolute favourite speakers can be found here. Ella Grace Denton gives a talk about the life-changing magic of being brave. She discusses the importance of having courage as we make tough decisions throughout our life - a leap of faith is all it takes. With no direction, Ella decided to go to University and discovered that the path of higher education wasn't for her. She took a chance and dropped out during her second year and doesn't regret it to this day.

Back in 2012, David Hieatt opened their denim factory in Cardigan with the long-term aim of recreating over 400 jobs to the area. The opportunity for employment will mean big things for a town with a population of just 4,000. The truly magical element of the story is that each machinist makes a pair of jeans from start to finish, even completing them by writing their name onto a label attached to each pair. You can almost picture the love and craftsmanship that goes into making them.

After discussing with David the work we are doing with Flintshire Communities First's Deeside Enterprise Club, DO sent us some wonderful new reading material for our Meee Library. Works from Richard Branson to Brene Brown have been added. We are so grateful for the kind donation and cannot wait to put them to good use. Who knows what amazing things people can achieve by reading some of our new material?

Have you heard of the Do Lectures?? If not, you should definitely check them out here!

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