The Ping Society

The Ping Society

We met Tina on our most recent Rhyl Employment course and absolutely loved hearing her discuss ideas and tell her stories. This is a piece Tina wrote about what she calls our "ping society."

We have become an impatient society. We want everything now and we are not prepared to wait, we get in debt because of it. We no longer save for the things we want, we put it on plastic and worry about it when the time comes. Our greed is causing us to be limited, debt becomes a chain around our necks, that weighs us down, we are no longer prepared to take the time to prepare and cook our own food either, we have become takeaways, microwave people, a ping society.

Even 5 minutes in the microwave seems like forever, we are just impatient, our attention span is half an hour, then we get bored. We have become insular people; we have lost the art of conversation. We have instant access to information on the world wide web, any question we have can be answered instantly on google, loneliness has become an epidemic because we no longer interact in person. We text. We are bombarded with perfect images, that makes us feel inadequate, we no longer fit in, we become isolated, desperate, suicidal in some cases. What's the hurry? 

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