Here at Meee, we often promote the benefits of volunteering to our Employment Programme attendees. It could boost your CV, provide vital experience, a chance to meet new people and most importantly, gives us a sense of worth.

Taking up a voluntary position could be great if you are in between jobs or wanting to try out something new. A new career perspective can be very daunting and by treating volunteering as a way of testing out a new field of interest could be a great way to see if it fits with your expectations. This works particularly well if you want to try out something like retail or a job in healthcare. 

Many positions even offer the chance to gain recognised qualifications. Some jobs may require specific skills that you don’t have any certified qualifications for, by gaining some experience in a voluntary position you may find yourself opening a whole lot more doors in the future. This is great if you wish to work in a café or hospitality environment! Gain entry-level food hygiene or health and safety certificate and find yourself able to work in many different venues. 

Volunteering also provides a great way to get involved with the local community. There are many local services that we all use that are ran by volunteers. By getting involved you are able to give back to those who have helped you as well as enabling these businesses to continue doing what they love.

Volunteering Wales has a website in which you can sign up and select your volunteering preferences. This may be working in retail, with a particular charity or even in a particular area. There are hundreds of new opportunities, so don’t delay and sign up now! Who knows what could lie around the corner. 

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