My Bullying Story

My Bullying Story

Author: Laura Sutton

Publish date: 21/11/16

Laura Sutton Blogger and Social Media Guru here at Meee has shared her own experiences of blogging over on her blog. She talks in depth about her three experiences of bullying in her childhood. Twice she was bullied but she is also very open about the time she and her classmates found themselves bullying someone else. Youcan read the full post here.

It’s really important that we get our children talking about bullying openly but in order to do so, adults need to come to terms their own pasts which is exactly what Laura does here. ‘I’ve spent all week researching and writing articles for Meee and it really got me thinking about my own childhood and my experiences of bullying, I think adults should discuss it more’

Anti Bullying week is coming to a close here in the UK but at Meee wee run programmes all year round to empower children and give them a voice.

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