New Year, New Thinking

New Year, New Thinking

As we slowly awake from our post-Christmas and New Year hibernation there are many of us who are ready to welcome 2019 with a renewed sense of determination and drive. For others, January is a bit of a slow starter with the pressure of new year’s resolutions weighing heavy on their conscience. Whether or not you believe in setting goals in the new year, it’s a great chance to reflect and figure out ways to improve.

Though setting goals are a vital step towards self-improvement, it’s important not to completely disregard all of your previous efforts. Phrases like “new year, new me” is often a disservice to the person you were before and the progress you have already made. Try focusing your efforts on new ways of thinking rather than aiming to radically change who you are. We don’t become a new person overnight, our stories and our lives carry on from the year before right where we left them. 

Take a minute to give thought to your goals. Are they realistically achievable? Spending time with your thoughts to plan out your new year’s resolutions is a key step in actually achieving them. If you don’t possess the correct mindset or way of thinking, then it is highly unlikely you will stick to your goals. For example, if you develop better habits and alter your thought process before trying to become a runner, you are more likely to not only stick to the sport but also to begin enjoying the process of getting fitter and stronger. 

Consider the progress you have made in the last year or more. Have you changed or improved? Even slightly? Build on your hard work and continue to develop on tasks you have already started. Did you plan to exercise more recently? If so, consider working on it more by doing an extra workout session a week. Small incremental changes are detrimental to your ability to achieve your overall goals. Focusing on the progress along the way will help keep you motivated and determined to reach that all important end result. Check in with yourself and how much progress you have made by thinking about what you have learned along the way and how much closer you are to achieving what you want.

When it comes down to setting goals for this year or any other just remember to take time to consider what you really want and how exactly you are going to achieve it. Change doesn’t happen quickly and it doesn’t have to come at the start of a new year but remember that if you start with today, you’re already one step closer!

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"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it"
Ray A. Davis