The 16 year old Christmas tree entrepreneur

The 16 year old Christmas tree entrepreneur

Seven years ago Ryan Brooks’ dad gave him a sapling Christmas tree to plant after they were getting fed up of their mum’s annual search for the perfect tree; today he has a plantation of 1,500 trees on his family’s land.

Ryan said: “A lot of people have said to me that there aren’t many nine or ten-year-olds who would do this, but I absolutely love Christmas and this is so rewarding”. Ryan does all the hard work of looking after the trees by himself through the year, however mum and dad are drafted in to help during the busier festive period. Each tree sells for £20 each and while much of his profits are reinvested in new trees Ryan is saving any profits to fund his university education in a few years.

The 16 year old enjoys spending time at the field tending to the trees and serving customers saying “It’s very nice at the field, kids seem to love it. It does put a smile on your face. It’s all about persistence. It does take a long time before you see any progress but when you do it’s worth it.”

When asked why he does it Ryan said “I get happiness from selling them. It is a nice feeling when you see them driving away with a tree on the roof.”

Tree perfectionist and Mum, Gail, said: “He started selling them for the first time last year. He has really grown a passion for it. We are just really proud he’s stuck at it. He’s a teenager now and we thought he might go off it but he’s stuck with it.”

Last year Ryan had his family at his field on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to meet demand but he says he does try to keep the day free to relax and spend time with his family.

Here at Meee we have loved reading Ryan’s story and we applaud his innovative nature, we think he has done a great job at spreading some festive cheer. Merry Christmas all!

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