The Effects of Bullying

The Effects of Bullying

Being bullied is an incredibly traumatic experience that can leave the victim with a wide variety of issues to deal with long after the bullying has stopped.

Those who have been, or are being bullied are more likely to:

It’s not only the person being bullied who is affected by the process, but the bully is also at an increased risk of things like substance misuse, academic problems and violent behaviour in later life. Those who regularly witness bullying may find themselves becoming reluctant to go to school or work, feeling frightened or guilty for not being able to help.

Unfortunately, the biggest killer of young people in the UK is suicide, and what makes young people kill themselves? Sadly for many, it is the result of bullying. This is why the Meee programme came into existence, this is what fuels us, and you can see Sid’s Tedx talk on this here. When we run a Meee programme for children we help them understand who they are, how to accept who they are, and how to communicate who they are and how they are feeling to others. This then helps combat some ‘side effects’ of bullying.

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