Workplace relationships most likely to end in marriage

Workplace relationships most likely to end in marriage

A study has shown that relationships that begin in the workplace are more likely to end in marriage than those that start elsewhere. The study found that the shared stresses of work and the sheer number of hours spent with colleagues were key factors in getting together for good.

The study of 2,000 people found that 14% of couples who met at work ended up married. While the workplace seems to be a good place to find the one, relationships that start in the pub are most likely to end as a one night stand, 23% of participants admitted this had happened to them with 22% admitting to one night stands starting in a nightclub. The research showed that 51% of people think that the place or situation you meet someone can affect how successful the relationship is.

The workplace allows for successful relationships because of the amount of time we spend at work allows us to form close friendships that then may go on to become relationships further down the line. By working together it’s not only a job that you have in common; it might also mean you have similar career ambitions and interests.  While some couples might struggle to empathise with their other halves work related stresses and troubles, working together gives a share understanding of these issues.

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