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We’re all celebrities in our own worlds. ‘Just Meee’ celebrates the extraordinary in everyday people who have managed to tough it out and be amazing. We hear from mums, dads, daughters and sons on how they’ve made it, and make it, through the hazards and highlights of this thing we call life. It’s an honour to hear from them and we hope you enjoy their journeys…

#1 Amanda Hamilton

Amanda has been Chief Executive of NALP (National Association of Licensed Paralegals) and also CEO of NPC (National Paralegal College) since 2008. NALP is the voluntary regulatory professional body for paralegals and an Ofqual Awarding organisation. Ofqual is the Government body that accredits nationally recognised qualifications in England. Through its Centres, nationally and internationally,(of which NPC is one) NALP offers nationally recognised Paralegal Qualifications.

Amanda has been involved with the Paralegal Sector for nearly 25 years, firstly as a legal tutor and trainer, and subsequently, teaching Law and Legal Procedure at every level. She is absolutely passionate about promoting the status of Paralegals as a profession in its own right, not only to give alternative financially viable career options for those entering the legal profession, but more importantly, to offer consumers (the end users of legal services) access to justice at a reasonable cost.