Just Meee Podcasts

We’re all celebrities in our own worlds. ‘Just Meee’ celebrates the extraordinary in everyday people who have managed to tough it out and be amazing. We hear from mums, dads, daughters and sons on how they’ve made it, and make it, through the hazards and highlights of this thing we call life. It’s an honour to hear from them and we hope you enjoy their journeys…

#12 Mark Fielding

Mark has a wonderful philosophy - "One day it will be the end of the world, at least mine, and I want to look back as a father and say, hand on heart, I did the best I could. I want my kids - Alice and Luca - to know, whatever happens, Apocalypse Mommy and Apocalypse Daddy tried their damn best.”

Listen to Mark’s great love story and his passion for learning, life’s lessons and making the most out of everything.

#11 Paula Harding

Paula Harding is an Executive Assistant at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) managing Professor Phil Padfield, Dean of Education.

Born in the Isle of Man, Paula relocated to Liverpool in 2002 and over the last 5 years has recognised the value that she adds in business. Paula is an ambassador of her profession and is on a mission to promote the impact of working in partnership with an Executive Assistant. Paula’s attitude to life has also changed over the last 5 years and she is exploring all the opportunities this presents.

#10 Cameron Reardon

Bug Box is an online entomology store founded by Cameron Reardon in 2017.
The company imports, breeds and sells exotic insects such as tarantulas, scorpions and millipedes all over the United Kingdom and Europe.
Cameron is passionate about being eco, ethical and creating a sustainable business in an industry that really isn’t!
A truly inspirational young man.


#9 Kate Strong

Always seeking to be more effective, more balanced and more impactful, Kate has pushed herself past the usual levels of success and now supports people, just like you, to reach your goals and realise your full potential.

Kate Strong doesn’t believe in living a compromised life. From an early age, she felt she was different. She was curiously questioning almost everything she did, and realised that living within society’s comfort zone doesn’t always create inspiring and extraordinary results.

She believes we need to maintain a balance between striving for success and finding peace today. True joy and reward is when we know we’re achieving our potential while also enjoying the journey!

#8 William Buist

Building Better Business is as much about mindset and mastery of your specialism as it is about more general business skills. William Buist has been working with business owners and leaders since 2001. His has an unerring ability to uncover the insights that clients need to move forward with confidence and clarity. William's combination of an optimistic pragmatism with the ability to create the environments for clients to think deeply, and then confidently take action is unique. 

When you are Building Better Business you will also create the freedom to do important work, whether as a part of your commercial endeavours or through your generosity, to make the world a better place for others. William champions using a small part of your time, energy and revenue to support projects that will make an enduring and sustainable improvement for important causes beyond your business.

#7 Dafydd Hardy

I’ve known Dafydd for many years and every time I talk or see him he’s always lovely. And I don’t mean lovely in a disparaging way but in a truly genuine, kind and honest way. He really is one of the most genuine, kind and honest people I’ve ever met. His values are core to what makes him so curious, insightful and wise about the world around him.

Being an estate agent has its challenges and is hardly the most trusted profession in business, but Dafydd is as genuine as it gets. Hear why he’s still curious and what he would like to pass on and leave as his legacy.

A true gentleman and a pleasure to share some air time with.

#6 Fay Stephenson

Fay Stephenson is a rare find. Rare in that she’s willing to put her anxiety and mental health issues aside to help and do well for others. This session took 7 goes to make it happen as anxiety and a trip to the dentist got the better of Fay. It was well worth all the waiting to hear from a truly genuine person what lessons she’s learning and how she helps others.

Mother of 3 boys, blog writer (Felicity Finds) and never one to be ‘normal’ hear how Fay talks honestly, openly and with a little bit of humour about her life and the mistakes she’s made. And how she hopes her honesty will help others realise that we are all in the same boat.

This session is a real joy and a celebration of why one's limitations are real, but also how they can be overcome.

#5 Jan Cavelle

Jan is an author, writer and speaker. But that doesn’t go anywhere near explaining what she really is. Jan is amazing, determined, resourceful, bloodyminded (her words) and pragmatic. A true entrepreneur at heart and a great believer in the part entrepreneurs play in any economy.

Jan started her own furniture business as a single Mum from a cupboard under the stairs, knowing next to nothing about business. But, having the tenacity to make it work in order to survive she battled and thrived.

What I love about Jan is her ability to find joy in writing about her experiences and sharing her knowledge with so many.

Her new book 'Scale For Success’ will be published on the 4th February 2021!