Just Meee Podcasts

We’re all celebrities in our own worlds. ‘Just Meee’ celebrates the extraordinary in everyday people who have managed to tough it out and be amazing. We hear from mums, dads, daughters and sons on how they’ve made it, and make it, through the hazards and highlights of this thing we call life. It’s an honour to hear from them and we hope you enjoy their journeys…

#31 Korky Paul

Korky is truly amazing. I’ve loved his work for decades and still read Winnie The Witch books to my children. They are truly magical and his illustrations are brilliant.

Korky’s life has been on a magical journey that has seen him cross many continents to Find, Live and Give his Magic! Thank you Korky for sharing that magic x

#30 Dave Kelly

Imagine that you’re a teenager and you’re told you would lose your eyesight when you were 30? Now try to imagine that you reach 30 and it happens. In essence that is Dave Kelly’s story.

Thank you Dave for your wisdom and in helping us appreciate that regardless of what you have, we really can make a difference. X

#29 Dr Lawrence Hoo aka Loz

Loz is a true time traveller! He really is a truly remarkable lesson for us all. His education has been for life, and is for life. Not just the lives of a few but for us all.
This podcast is nearly 2 hours long and worth every second too! It’s a real insight into an extraordinarily talent and a world that need more Dr Hoo’s. x

#28 Bernie Hollywood

Bernie has achieved things that many of us will never get anywhere near. But, his very core being is all about ‘Giving’ and that’s what makes him truly extraordinary.

Regardless of where we are in life we all have something to ‘Give’ and Bernie talks about how we can do the very simplest of things to create greatness in our lives. Thank you Bernie and the very best of luck with your Atlantic row. x

#27 Danielle McDermott

Danielle is a survivor. And we really do mean a survivor in every sense of the word…
Danielle is a wonderfully positive person who lives life to its max…This podcast is a lesson for us all…whatever has happened has gone. Move on and be you. Thank you Danielle x

#26 Marianne Rutz

Who thought customer service and customer delivery would be so interesting? And it really is…
Marianne is Swiss and reminds me of all the good stuff in Switzerland - efficient, honest, devoted, dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate.
She’s a wealth of lived experience and has some truly wonderful advice to share. This is one of those podcasts that helps you feel all fuzzy and warm. Thank you Marianne x

#25 Ben Giles

Ben is an inspiration to us all. Everything he does is driven by his faith, his fearless approach to life and his love of helping others. From cleaning crime scenes to keeping bees to being a canny businessman Ben is wonderfully unique.
This podcast is a great top up for anyone doubting their own unique qualities and abilities. It’s a real ‘GO LIVE’ booster. Thank you Ben for sharing your magic with us.

#24 Lizzie Acker

Lizzie is one of life's special special people assembled with the finest ingredients that any human being can be made of. An absolute delight of positivity, grounded reality and the most wonderfully eccentric thinking I've ever heard.

If you love food, you'll love Lizzie. She truly is the best recipe for life...